Catholic Principals' Association of Tasmania

Our schools and their leadership teams

Systemic Primary Schools 

Corpus Christi Catholic School

Scharvi, Clynton.jpg

Principal:  Clynton Scharvi

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching:  Rachel Kelly

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Susan McGann


Holy Rosary Catholic School

Brooks, Bernadette(3).jpg

Principal:  Bernadette Brooks

Assistant Principals – Learning and Teaching: Gemma Bennett (K-2) and Lauren McCallum (3-6)

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Libby Piesse

Immaculate Heart of Mary


Principal:  Nick McGann

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Paul Egan

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Bridget Cairns

John Paul II Catholic School

Bearman, Fran copy.jpg

Principal: Fran Bearman

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Jo Clark

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Tony Lennard

Larmenier Catholic School

Principal:  Jacqui Lawless

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Allison Cornish

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Maureen Fontyn

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

Seager, Carol.jpg

Principal:  Carol Seagar

Assistant Principal – Primary: Alison Broomhall

Assistant Principal – Early Childhood: Stewart Farr

Assistant Principal - Data and Well-being:  Rebecca Garrigan

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School

Mary Wall.jpg

Principal:  Mary Wall

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Nicholas Saltmarsh

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Launceston

Wilson, Brent.jpg

Principal:  Brent Wilson

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Adele Murphy

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Geeveston

Brighella, Luch.jpg

Principal:  Luch Brighella

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching and Religious Education: Cate Doherty

Sacred Heart Catholic School, Ulverstone

Wooton, Michelle(4).jpg

Principal: Michelle Wootton

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Charlene Best

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Laine Davis

St Anthony’s Catholic School

Principal: Anita Cunningham

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching: Angie Burnell

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Lauren Bartush

St Brigid’s Catholic School, New Norfolk

Matar, Joy.jpg

Principal: Joy Matar

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Annie Nolan

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Amelia Daun


St Brigid’s Catholic School, Wynyard

Sharman, Gregg.jpg

Principal:  Gregg Sharman

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching and Religious Education Coordinator: Janaya Plummer


St Cuthbert’s Catholic School

Donnelly, Marcus(1).jpg

Principal: Marcus Donnelly

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Dianne O'Rourke

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Lachlan Marsh

St Finn Barr’s Catholic School

Principal: Liz Illingworth

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching: Teresa McLeod

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Alice Cannon.

St John’s Catholic School

Principal: Megan Richardson

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Chantel Mitchell and Simon Lane

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Laurie Bourke

St Joseph’s Catholic School, Queenstown

Acting Principal: Carmen Aylott

Assistant Principal - Religions Education: Louise Sikken

St Joseph’s Catholic School, Rosebery

McBain, Peter(2).jpg

Principal: Peter McBain

Assistant Principal: Oriel McGee

St Patrick’s Catholic School, Latrobe


Principal: Rod Linhart

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching: Tina Badcock

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Melissa Marshall

St Paul’s Catholic School

Kelly, Stuart(2).jpg

Principal:  Stuart Kelly

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Ben Morgan

Assistant Principal – Wellbeing: Cathrine Montgomery

St Peter Chanel Catholic School

Gretton, Christina.jpg

Principal:  Christina Gretton

Assistant Principal - Primary: Nicki Pitt

Assistant Principal - Early Years: Brooke Lardner

St Therese’s Catholic School

Cameron, Brown(1).jpg

Principal:  Cameron Brown

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Justin Veitch

Assistant Principal – Religious Education: Rebecca Goss

St Thomas More’s Catholic School

Principal: Shayne Kidd

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching:Kurt Atkins

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Jacquie Wood

Stella Maris Catholic School

Kramer, Julia.jpg

Principal:  Julia Kramer

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching: Danica Littler

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Judy Mason


Systemic Colleges 

St Aloysius Catholic College

Co-Principals: Joseph Sandric and Brendan Gill

St James Catholic College

Principal: Allan Clark

Deputy Principal: Brett Tanner

Assistant Principal: Learning and Teaching - Primary: Stacey Cooper

Star of the Sea Catholic College

Richard Chapman.JPG

Principal: Richard Chapman

Assistant Prinicpal - Secondary and Organisation: Karen Tame

Assistant Principal - Primary: Melissa McGillivray

Assistant Principal - Religious Education: Rose Briscoe

Assistant Principal - Curriculum: Sally Walters

Archdiocesan Colleges 

Dominic College

Gilligan, Beth.jpg

Principal:  Beth Gilligan

Deputy Principal:  Stephen Casni

Guilford Young College

Deayton, Craig.jpg

Principal:  Craig Deayton

Deputy Principal (Glenorchy): Mathew Derrick

Deputy Principal (Hobart): Jo Legosz

MacKillop Catholic College

Pollard, Eamonn photo.jpg

Principal: Eamonn Pollard

Deputy Principal: Sue Howard

Marist Regional College

Adrian , Drane(2).jpg

Principal:  Adrian Drane

Deputy Principal – Pastoral Wellbeing: Tracey Rogers

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching: Kerrie Flynn

Mount Carmel College


Principal: Fiona Nolan

Deputy Principal: Lyndel Tewes


Sacred Heart College

McDougall, Elizabeth(1).jpg

Principal:  Elizabeth McDougall

Deputy Principal:  Nicholas Lahey

Deputy Principal – Primary: Sue Walker

St Brendan-Shaw College

Pisano, Frank.jpg

Principal:  Frank Pisano

Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care: Kim-Ann Walters

Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning: Gavin Hicks

St Mary’s College

Helen Spencer.jpg

Principal: Helen Spencer

Deputy Principal: Jacqueline Conboy

St Patrick’s College

Principal: Tony Daly

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching and Head of Senior School: Julienne Colman

Deputy Principal Administration and Head of Croagh Patrick: Stuart Ralph

Deputy Principal Pastoral Care and Head of Middle School: Casimir Douglas


St Virgil’s College

Principal: Damien Messer

Deputy Principal:  Terry Blizzard

Head of Junior School: Andrew Pinelli

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