Catholic Principals' Association of Tasmania

CPAT Fellowship Award

The CPAT Fellowship Awards, seek to recognise those Principals working in Catholic Education in Tasmania who:

  • Demonstrate a dedication to the professional support and wellbeing of fellow Tasmanian Catholic Principals, and are respected by their peers;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the objectives of the Catholic Principals’ Association of Tasmania (CPAT) as outlined in the Association Constitution;
  • Demonstrate a significant contribution to Catholic Education in Tasmania, over an extended period of time;
  • Have shown an active involvement in and contribution to committees both State and National, in the advancement of the aims of the Association, in particular as a member of the CPAT Executive over a significant period of time;
  • Have at least five (5) years service as a Principal of a Catholic School in Tasmania; and
  • Are not currently a member of the CPAT Executive.

Nominations for fellowship are called for from CPAT members prior to the CPAT Annual General Meeting each year.

CPAT Honorary Fellowship Awards

As part of the CPAT Fellowship Awards, the CPAT Executive also has the sole and absolute discretion to award an Honorary CPAT Fellowship to an individual, who is not a member or CPAT.  

This person in the opinion of the CPAT Executive, will have demonstrated a dedication to the professional support and wellbeing of Tasmanian Catholic Principals and contributed significantly to Catholic Education in Tasmania over an extended period of time.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE:  Friday, 21st August 2020


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