Catholic Principals' Association of Tasmania

Introduction & History

The Catholic Principals’ Association of Tasmania (CPAT) is a not-for-profit Association of Tasmanian Catholic Principals. The purpose of CPAT is to advance education in Tasmanian and support all Principals of Tasmanian Catholic Schools and Colleges.  

CPAT was the name given to the original principals’ organisation in Tasmania. CPAT was formed in 1985 with the encouragement of Archbishop Guilford Young. Its members were both religious and lay principals from all Catholic schools across the State.

However, for some years prior to 2008, this combined group was disbanded and was replaced by the Tasmanian Catholic Primary Principals’ Association (TCPPA) and the Principals’ Association of Tasmanian Catholic Secondary Schools (PATCSS).

TCPPA’s membership comprised those principals of schools with primary students, whilst PATCSS’ membership was of principals whose schools enrolled secondary students.  Some college principals were members of both TCPPA and PATCSS.

After a period of discernment it was agreed that the two principals’ associations would amalgamate in 2008 to once again form CPAT.

We operate under four pillars, Association, Curriculum, Principal Wellbeing and Professional Learning which members of CPAT have established as the foundations of the Association. 

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